Specialist Tax investigation (COP9)

The Chancellor of the Exchequer having recently allocated £900million to HM Revenue & Customs to tackle compliance, which has led to the deployment of some 180 specialist inspectors to tackle serious civil investigations and deal with criminal investigations, we at Prestons work with a specialist tax investigations team. The team of ex-Senior Officers of HM Revenue & Customs; the team possesses an incredible amount of experience in dealing with COP 9 enquiries and other larger enquiries where opportunities under the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility amnesty could be exploited in imaginative manners. Therefore, should you have any concerns regarding any undeclared assets either here or abroad and wish to offer to make a voluntary disclosure to HMRC, or, if you are subjected to a COP 9 enquiry, then we suggest that you get in early touch with this Practice for us to be able to arrange for a initial consultation. After the initial consultation we will be able to provide you with a fixed fee quote to complete the enquiry.

At Prestons we believe that in an investigations scenario an experienced adviser is always able to defuse any traumatic situation, as well as use his/her experience to make use of any technical opportunities which might be afforded, for example, by proper consideration of the complex rules relating to residence and domicile. In the case of foreign bank accounts with different currencies to deal with, unfamiliar investment vehicles, double taxation issues and withholding tax to consider, taxpayers and inexperienced practitioners can easily get out of their depth. Experienced agents could well save the costs by advantageously negotiating settlements in addition to removing the stress inevitably caused by a serious tax enquiry.

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